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Hotel and Restaurant Window Treatments

At Woven, we understand the unique needs of commercial spaces
Window treatments are crucial in hotels and restaurants, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. They block light, provide privacy, and enhance the overall decor. If you need window treatments for a hotel, restaurant, or bar in Denver, style and function are paramount. We’re here to help you choose the perfect solutions.

Hotel Lobby

The hotel lobby, often the first impression guests have, should be bright and inviting. Lobbies usually have large windows that let in ample light and may not need constant coverage. Sheer window treatments or solar shades are excellent choices for controlling light without blocking it entirely.

Solar Shade Benefits

  • Light Filtering customizable to fit any window size.
  • Variety available in multiple colors and styles to match the lobby decor.
  • Energy Efficiency block out sunlight to keep the space comfortable and reduce energy costs.

Solar Shade Openness

  • Low Openness (1-3%) allows less light, creating more privacy.
  • High Openness (5-10%) allows more natural light and a better view of the outside.

Guest Rooms

Guest room window treatments need to balance light and privacy. They protect furniture, carpets, and electronics from UV rays and should help create a comfortable sleeping environment. Roller blinds and roman shades are popular for their versatility, while soft treatments like curtains add a decorative touch.

Curtain Styles

  • Grommet Curtains modern and sleek with large metal rings for easy sliding.
  • Ripple-Fold Curtains contemporary, mounted on a traversing track system for smooth operation.
  • Pinch Pleat Curtains classic style with small pleats, also mounted on a traversing track system for ease of use.

Blackout Shades

  • Essential in guest rooms for complete light blocking, ideal for guests who need to sleep during the day or for rooms with TVs and other electronics.

Indoor Pool Areas

Indoor pool areas require window treatments that manage large amounts of light while providing UV protection. Solar shades are perfect for this setting, offering light control without compromising the view.

Restaurants and Bars

Window treatments in restaurants and bars need to maintain the view while reducing glare. Sheer fabrics and solar shades are effective for these purposes. Additionally, curtains can serve as room dividers or decorative features, enhancing the ambiance and creating the illusion of a larger space.

Reducing Glare and Preserving the View

  • Sheer Fabric lightweight, lets light through while providing some privacy.
  • Solar Shades denser weave blocks more light, offers better UV protection.

Decorative Curtains

  • Can be used to add warmth and style to the restaurant, create a focal point, or serve as room dividers.
Choosing the right window treatments for hotels and restaurants is vital for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. For custom blinds and shades in Denver and Greenwood Village, contact us today. We offer onsite measuring, experienced designers, the best commercial pricing, and the fastest turnaround time.

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