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Designers, Realtors, and Architects: Custom Window Treatments

At Woven, we understand the unique needs of commercial spaces
Custom window treatments can set the tone for a room, make a small space appear larger, or highlight architectural features. With endless possibilities available, designers, realtors, and architects need to keep several key considerations in mind. Regardless of the investment in a room’s furnishings, the right window treatments are crucial for a space to truly shine. At Woven, we collaborate with all trades and professionals to provide the best service for your clients

The Importance of Function and Aesthetics

Window treatments must serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Designers, realtors, and architects should think about how the treatments will be used, their appeal to potential buyers, and how they complement the overall design.
  • Designers seek window treatments that complement other design elements.
  • Realtors need window treatments that make spaces inviting and appealing.
  • Architects require window treatments that enhance the building's overall look and feel.


Window coverings significantly influence a room’s appearance and atmosphere, more than almost any other design element.

Design Styles and Flow

It is crucial to consider the room’s style when choosing window coverings. Whether the room is contemporary, traditional, eclectic, farmhouse, or modern farmhouse, the window treatment should align with the home’s overall feel.

Window treatments can also determine a room’s flow. In open-concept homes, they can define each space and give it its own identity. When a room’s design flows from one space to the next, window treatments help create a cohesive look.



Window coverings can influence a buyer’s decision. They should make the space feel warm and inviting, highlighting the best features of a room. Realtors should choose treatments that make spaces appear larger, brighter, and more open.

Custom blinds, drapes, and curtains add value to a home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. At Woven Window, we offer custom solutions that complement any home and help it stand out.

Light and Bright

Potential buyers prefer a light and airy feel. Window coverings should allow maximum natural light when open, making the home feel spacious, warm, and welcoming.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors create the illusion of more space and appeal to a wide range of buyers. Custom window treatments in neutral colors also make it easier for homeowners to personalize their space with new drapes or curtains as styles and decor change.

Clean and Maintained

Potential buyers notice every detail. Ensure window treatments are clean and in good condition, giving the impression of a well-maintained home.

Note: Always clean window coverings according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Windows are dynamic and essential architectural components, integral to the thermal envelope while allowing light, sound control, and ventilation. The right window treatments can significantly impact a space’s feel and functionality. We work with architects to offer custom coverings for any window style and building design.

Thermal Insulation

Energy efficiency is a key concern in building design. Window coverings like roller shades provide thermal insulation, crucial in colder climates like Denver. They help maintain warmth in winter and coolness in summer by adding an extra layer of insulation.

Light Control

Controlling light entry is important for both functional and aesthetic reasons. For instance, in office spaces, adjustable light control is necessary for customization, while in bedrooms, window coverings should block out light to keep the room dark and cool.

Sound Control

In urban areas, noise reduction is essential. Window treatments that absorb sound can create a more peaceful and relaxed environment.
Window treatments are vital for designers, realtors, and architects. They significantly affect a space’s look, feel, and function. It’s important to consider the needs of those using the space when choosing window treatments. With careful planning, you can find the perfect solutions for any home or office. Book a free consultation today or visit our showroom.

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